Nothing makes me prouder....

As a mom, there is nothing that makes me prouder than when one of my children learns a new skill.  Crawling, walking, saying Mama (and Dada, I suppose) are accomplishments that have brought me such joy and they aren't even my own personal accomplishments.

Today, I enjoyed another proud Mama moment.  It is snowy and FREEZING in Denver and we were homebound because I chickened out on the drive to my usual Wednesday playdate.  The boys and I were enjoying a fun morning of snowflake making, puzzles and Memory games, and had made the move to the basement for a thrilling game of Candyland.  As John Paul and I played, Kolbe mostly moved the other pieces around and tried to steal the cards and chuck them around the room.  Then, John Paul drew a double purple and counted his move aloud, "one...two."  Kolbe looked over his shoulder and started counting too - ALL THE WAY TO 10!!!!!  I almost died.  I told him to do it again and he did.  I ran for my camera and quick grabbed this video for fear it was a fluke and Ryan wouldn't believe that he really did it.

He was so proud of himself and once he received my praise he couldn't get enough.  He is a bit of a camera ham and would've let me film 5 minutes of him counting if the battery hadn't died. 

The Count from Domestic Church Militant on Vimeo.
*He does skip the number 7 every time, but he isn't even 21 months old.  Give the kid a break!!!!

We also found some extra clips that we didn't know we had when Ryan was making Kolbe's movie. Here is an additional out-takes video to enjoy.

Extra Kolbe Outtakes from Domestic Church Militant on Vimeo.


  1. Kolbe the Amazing Counter! That is adorable! He has a new party trick just in time for the holiday season. Maybe he can teach Michael. :)