Celebrating John Paul's Re-Birthday

Celebrating birthdays is always fun.  As a mom I have discovered that the kids birthdays are a really awesome chance for Ryan and I to re-visit the days of their birth as well.  The labor, the delivery, the things we said, the anticipation - it is all extremely fun to remember.

Besides celebrating these events we think it is equally important, maybe more, to remember what we call Re-Birthdays. (Some people call it a Christian Birthday.)  We celebrate the anniversary of their baptism day - the day that they were re-born in Christ.  You can watch John Paul's pre-birth to re-birth video here. 

John Paul was baptized on August 21, 2010 and so on the 21st of August this year we go back to that day.  I showed John Paul his baptism pictures and we talked about his godparents (Tony and Nicole - they are awesome!).  We played with friends in the morning and spent the afternoon making and then flying kites in the backyard.  Dinner was John Paul's choice of hot dogs and french fries and for dessert cupcakes in ice cream cones.

We always re-light their baptismal candles as a sign that Christ still leads and lights our lives every day. We also give a few small gifts as part of our celebration.  This year John Paul got his own copy of The Three Little Pigs (a favorite story that we did not own) and a kids size scapular (which he has been asking Ryan repeatedly for).

This is a pretty accurate depiction of the day.  John Paul running wildly kite sailing behind.  Kolbe "running" dragging his kite behind. 

John Paul was entertained for a long time by flying his kite, Kolbe pretty quickly abandoned the work to look longingly through the fence.

During our rendition of "Happy Re-Birthday To You"

It's awesome to have a child who is so filled with joy over new books to read.

Kissing his scapular before putting it on - just like Daddy does.

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  1. Someone was once telling me about the tradition that not only did it used to be they they lit the candle each baptism anniversary, but that when a person died, they would light the candle and let it burn all the way out. I really love that image... and I love that our church is so rich in beautiful, meaningful traditions.