J-P-2, We-love-you!

Today we celebrated John Paul's "Name Day," the Feast of Blessed Pope John Paul II.  The Church chose October 22, because it's the date he was officially installed as Pope in 1978.  This is the last time we'll celebrate "Blessed" John Paul II, since he'll be canonized on April 27.  So next year it will be Saint John Paul II.  So amazing!

John Paul picked potstickers (a nice change from his usual choice of hot dogs) for the meal, so Sarah made some of her delicious sesame chicken to go with them.  We were so thrilled to have Father Juan join us for our celebration.

Reading "A Boy Named Lolek" - about a young JP2

Opening his presents

A statue of Pope John Paul II

Wearing his new Bears hat as Fr. Juan blesses his new statue.

Racing Fr. Juan!

Looking at Fr. Juan's ordination pictures

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