Rock Creek Farm

We were first introduced to this awesome pumpkin patch in Broomfield, CO by my sister and brother-in-law.  I later introduced it to my mom's group since it is better (and cheaper) than the one we were attending as our playdate in October.

Today was our annual mom's group playdate to Rock Creek Farm.  It is really just the best fall activity. It is free to go to the farm and jump in the bouncy houses, see the animals, and go through the hay maze.  It is a cut your own pumpkin patch and there is also a stand where you can get your fill of gourds, squash, pie pumpkins, etc. and the prices can simply not be beat!

Here's the photo evidence:

This is what he was most excited about.

I did get a better picture of Kolbe but I like this one to show how big this slide was.  Kolbe climbed it REPEATEDLY by himself, flew down, climbed out, and shouted "Gen" (translation: again!).

Kolbe is also a bit animal lover.  He could reach this goat and his reaction to that chance is below.

I wish this picture could have a sound affect because it made everyone around smile.

His head isn't quite all the way into the whole but that is because this was made for someone my height and he is doing a pull-up to reach even this high.  

This was the best we got...2 out of 3 looking isn't so bad.

My favorite Godson was there as well and we were able to snap this picture of all the boys.

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  1. I can't believe Kolbe did that slide by himself!! I was a little scared going down...