An Authentic Marian University in ND

For us the 2009 Obama-Notre Dame Commencement was life-changing.  It triggered a year of research and reflection and brought into focus the unofficial schism from the Church, about which we were previously completely ignorant.  It unveiled the truth about our beloved Notre Dame and Fr. Hesburgh's prominent role in leading countless schismatics, many through no fault of their own, into apostasy.

Strong words, I know.  And the results of my research (published here) contained many strong words as well.  Several years later, you might think the shock of the scandal has worn off and my stance has softened.  Well, after more years of study, including some attempts to figure out the historical roots leading to our overall cultural decay, my original stance on ND has indeed changed.

It's even worse than I initially thought.

It's hard to find words to describe the despicable act of a Catholic university honoring a man who couldn't be more anti-Catholic if he tried.  They might as well given posthumous honors to William of Ockham, Martin Luther, Voltaire, Friedrich Nietzsche, Margaret Sanger, Adolf Hitler, Chairman Mao, and Saul Alinsky while they were at it.  Echoes of all of them could be heard in Obama's speech to graduates, and it was mind-numbing to witness his absolute shredding of Catholicism garner nothing but applause from thousands of (confused?) Domers who didn't recognize the wolf before them.  The moment pretty much summed up everything that has gone wrong in order to bring our culture and Church to this crisis point, and the speech is already being used (in authentic Catholic schools) as a tool to study the roots of western civilization's post-Christian social/moral collapse and the Church's failure to withstand the trend.

And the hits keep coming.  Read about the latest scandal (in ND's own words) here.  Last week, ND voluntarily participated in Obamacare's provision of abortifacient and contraceptive "benefits" for its employees.  On the same day, Pope Francis exhorted President Fr. Jenkins and company to be an "uncompromising witness to the Church's moral teachings."  On the.  Same.  Day.

ND Professor Fr. Miscamble said it best:  "Notre Dame leadership seems more interested in making announcements of new buildings than in playing a strong role in defense of the Church's freedoms.  The tepid way in which Notre Dame acquiesced with the Obamacare provisions and authorized its health insurance administrator to implement the HHS Mandate gives notable evidence of that.  Given Notre Dame's national reputation and considerable resources, it should be leading on this issue and not leaving it to the Little Sisters of the Poor."

That's brings us to the good news.  There are a couple dozen Catholic colleges deserving of the name, and they are forming the future soldiers who might very well be martyred by the Obama-led revolution before it's all said and done.

Every year since 2009, we have chosen to donate our money previously earmarked for Notre Dame football ticket lottery qualification to one of these authentically Catholic schools.  This year, our recipient has an ironic name and location:

University of Mary in Bismarck, ND.

We have heard of beautiful things happening there, and our Archbishop and the Cardinal Newman Society have both given this school a ringing endorsement.  Our Lady is proud, and may her Son continue to bless UMary for being faithful to His Church!

Previous recipients:
2009  Franciscan University of Stuebenville
2010  Christendom College
2011  Wyoming Catholic College
2012  Benedictine College

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