The Tomb is Empty!

Pictures from our Lent and Easter (so far) in the DCM...

We mark the days of our Lenten journey.

For every sacrifice he made during Lent, John Paul removed a thorn from Jesus' crown.

GOOD FRIDAY:  Soldiers nail Jesus to the cross.

Mourning at the foot of the cross with the Blessed Mother, before attending a Passion Play.

We removed Jesus from the cross and each took turns embalming his body with perfume.

We wrapped his body and laid it in the tomb.

Placing soldiers to stand guard at the tomb.

HOLY SATURDAY:  We console a mourning Blessed Mother, veiled in black.

EASTER SUNDAY morning:  They rush to the tomb.

This is what they discover.

Opening the burial cloth.

It's empty!  Where's Jesus?!

He is risen (above the microwave)!

We have hope (even Cubs fans)!


The crown of thorns has become the crown of victory.  All the purple in the house is replaced with white.  Icons of the Resurrection and St. Mary Magdalene hang on the wall.

Best Sunday Bests

Five of us.

The Easter Egg tradition comes from St. Mary Magdalene.

Papa made him work for it.

The big hunt will be followed by 6 smaller hunts at our house, every Sunday during the season of Easter.

CHAMP:  Out of 25 people, Kolbe won the egg-cracking contest!
Today we celebrated Kolbe's re-birthday (Baptism Day).

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