Are you seeing it?

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) marks the beginning of another set of celebrations in the DCM.  The 24th is the Nativity of John the Baptist, the 27th is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the 29th is Sts. Peter and Paul.  Out of 17 solemnities (the highest form of celebration in the Church) in the Liturgical calendar, 4 of them come in these next eight days of late June.  It's good to be Catholic!

In honor of this solemn feast, I wanted to share another great new video by Chris Stefanick at RealLifeCatholic.com.
"For the past two thousand years, since the birth of the Church, Catholics have risked their lives, just to be at Mass.  Beautiful ornate cathedrals have been built, because of what happens inside those cathedrals at Mass.  And I just joined the pope and tens of thousands of Catholics in procession behind the Eucharist, because of what happens at Mass.  What do all these people see at Mass?  If you're not seeing it, you're missing something pretty amazing."  ~Chris Stefanick

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