All Hallows!

Last year we wrote about "Keeping the Hallows in Hallowe'en".  Here are some photos and a video of our festivities this year.  We had a 3-stop "progressive dinner" party with friends - 4 families with 13 kids under 7.  Each stop had a game related to Hallowe'en (the real honoring the saints and mocking evil, not the nihilistic secularized fright-fest version) and candy for the kids.

IHS and St. George on his horse "saint-o-lanterns."  The boys learned about the mess that our souls are because of Original Sin.  Our journey towards sainthood starts with Baptism, when God cleans out the mess and replaces it with the light of Christ.
The winning teacher costume at school - St. Maximilian Kolbe

Pope St. John Paul the Great and St. Juan Diego

St. Lawrence

The Church Militant honoring the Church Triumphant

Pin the Sacred Heart on Jesus or Mary

Saint Musical Chairs

Explaining the need for some saints to cast out some demons at the next house.  "Don't be afraid.  The name of Jesus has infinite power.  Just say, 'In the name of Jesus, get outta here!'.   The saint who stomps the most demons wins.

Fired up to fight demons.

Hallowe'en Demon Stomp from Domestic Church Militant on Vimeo.

Kolbe:  "In the name of Jesus [and with the authority of St. Peter], get outta here!"

All sugared up, why not end the night with a little wrestle mania?

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